Science Kit

Technical documentation

Alegion is the enterprise-grade data annotation tool fit for the most exacting use cases in machine learning. We pair optimized user interfaces for labeling with proprietary quality systems, including integrated ML, to consistently meet demanding accuracy requirements at scale.

Ensuring quality

"Garbage in/garbage out" is never more true than when you're training or validating a model. Learn about the range of tools and configurations that let us achieve quality at scale.

Data pipelines & security

Proprietary data and regulatory compliance are vital to you, so data stewardship is critical for us. Understand the available infosec layers and data transfer methods.

Annotation types & prep

Video. Images. Text corpora. Other annotation types. See the source data requirements for each kind of labeling.

API tutorial

Our API powers integrations with ML ops and workflow management platforms for simple transfer of raw data in and labeled data out. Here is a gentle tutorial.

API endpoint docs

Nitty-gritty technical documentation for our RESTful, JSON-powered API.

API reference client

This Python reference implementation is your booster rocket to getting started with the API.